Peak Riders

I see them and I cringe knowing that they are the ones

The countless souls holding the machine together

Through the deep muddy

Emotional museums

With no one to visit

No donations

No spectators or field trips

To see their magnificent minds

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

On the train to Croton Harmon

The portal into human transfer

Where they wait in the blistering cold

And sweltering heat

In the same suits, uniforms and costumes

To report to duty

I commends them

For showing up on time

Too late for fate

And too early for faith

Have its way

Way way up there

1,000 tons of steel in every car

Broken bathrooms

Speakers stretch tones high enough

To make monks cry and gurus gallop away

Way way way up there past croton

Past Peekskill

Where you not worry about

Taxing valuable square foot real estate

They live


They sleep

They eat

And get back up the next morning to do it all over

Tired eyed

Hoping this is best for their family

Contemplating vacationing 

From blue and red plastic seats

Reminiscent of their couches

Where they grew up

And played

And sat

And stuck

Their skin grasping for air on the petroleum

Base clear substance

And now they are here

One by one

They load onto the train

The conductor yells

Next stop

Next stop

Next stop



Decora 3000

LyricsDecora Sandiford