Just enough

Is it true that you could have just enough love in you to love someone or not enough love in you to love multiple people? What if that one person is your wife, boyfriend or grandmother? What if that person is you? Is it true that some people have faces so much trauma in their lives that it’s hard for them to love, while others make it look so easy as if it comes natural? Does it come natural? Some days I wonder why Love exist and why some people seem to travel so safely through life rising on surface level relationships coasting from lane to lane hoping to never have to pay the toll and find the change in within.  Yet, as I write this I do think that some relationships on a surface level do suck, like the one I have with a friend from college who I spent years with on the road.  I don’t know the answer and neither do you but that’s supposed to be the fun of life once you “solve it” if and when it can be solve it.   

Decora Sandiford