Corey Glover has officially reached the “can do whatever he bloody well pleases” part of his career. So when he pops up on two tracks on indie rapper and producer Decora’s latest record Bread and Oats, its fitting that neither should be the most poppy or even accessible. Instead these high profile guest contributions highlight Decora’s commitment to skirting expectations and pushing boundaries. It’s that refusal to play by the rules that makes Bread and Oats such a compelling record.

“Something” is the standout cut on the record—notably devoid of guest spots—the minimal breakbeat production looks simultaneously backwards and forwards, nodding to Golden Age production, while Decora name checks social activists. While “Touch the Sky” uses a hook courtesy of Ruby Stinson for the most radio-single worthy cut. “Bionic Bounce” shines, marrying a club-bound beat to Decora’s most socially conscious lyrics. “They got the money / but the power’s in the people.”


PressDecora Sandiford