A year of new music with Decora



A new sound and direction is starting for Decora, a well known artist in the Hudson Valley with his roots planted in the City of Newburgh. His new album Better is a reflection of the stories he has heard and the things he has witnessed since moving to Newburgh in 2002.

“All music is a reflection of the environment the artist is in,” said Decora. “I’ve been inspired by many situations, I believe we are all just vessels.”

Better is the foundation of 12 albums that will be released this year. The album had 10,000 views in the first week, five times more views than he received on his other albums.

“This work that’s coming out is very personal,” said Decora. “It talks about depression, woes, we need to be humanized, we often feel they’re so far away.”

His most successful song Transcend talks about moving above negative situations in life.

“My goal is to inspire millions,” said Decora. “Transcend talks about how we’re going to make it. We all fail and that’s opening the door to success. On social media you only see the positive parts of a person’s life you never see their failures.”

The next year is going to be a big one for Decora. His next album Relationships, will be released on February 13. He is working on a music video for songs, Transcend and Fake Friends to be released in April.

Regardless of his successful career Decora remains in the City of Newburgh. He films his music videos at local businesses, including Mrs. Fairfax. His music video for the song Can’t Speak received a nomination in the One Screen Film Awards.

He will be participating in the Newburgh Illuminated Festival in June. Listen to Decora’s latest album and his other music on Spotify, or visit his website at iamdecora.com to stay up to date on his growing career.

PressDecora Sandiford